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City of each town building is new politics general view 45 cities are restricted to buy county of national level poverty to also be joined!

On the world most angel, chasing after me namely, phone me, let me buy that intermediary of the room. Word of a fun spoke these the truth of year of building city!

Does adjusting control of epicycle building city have many fierce?

45 cities of countrywide are rolled out be restricted to buy policy!

Does house price have much insanity after all?

Anhui of county of national level poverty faced fontal county to also undertake limitative to house price!

According to not complete count, up to now, the whole nation already had 45 cities to be restricted to buy, besides increase be restricted to buy area, limitation to buy a cycle of songs in a traditional opera, rise head pay proportion, extend a tax or outside the groovy policy such as time of social security pay, reporter of certificate business China discovers, what before the city such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen came on stage, had done not have is new politics, even, anhui of county of national level poverty faces fontal county urgent undertook limitative to house price.

So, is the germ of tall house price after all? Is be restricted to buy best method? Can estate market of China die after all dish? The article undertakes trying to understand answering to these 3 problems.

Recently, the news about be restricted to buy blots out the sky and cover up the earth, here differ one enumerate. Nevertheless, in be restricted this to buy tide, appeared to make a way newly not less, what had done not have before reporter of certificate business China is right is new politics undertook be combinged simply with the phenomenon.

On March 17, guangzhou is new politics:

This city census register is grown and lone (contain from different) the personage is restricted to buy 1 ring house. The person that has false divorce frying a room first close the door on.

On March 24, xiamen is new politics:

This city census register is grown and lone (contain from different) the personage is restricted to buy 1 ring house. After transferring housing through donative means, buy housing to need again full 3 years. After buying housing newly to need to obtain property right evidence just can appear on the market 2 years completely trade.

On March 26, beijing is new politics:

Development company is in build (contain in carry out) business does category to look, selling an object ought to be lawful those who register is enterprise or business unit, organism. That is to say, business does project individual to must not be bought, the bounds of Beijing is bought not just project of house of commodity of bureau be confined to, this is first time on the history.

On March 29, beijing hair changes appoint requirement, development business and intermediary must not acclaim room learning an area, high price room, forbidden estate broker from personnel of course of study buy inside a year sell a same flatlet house.

Interesting is, generally speaking, house price can mirror local economy to develop a standard on certain level, be restricted to buy policy is out economy commonly relatively the area that develop.

However, on March 23, anhui of county of national level poverty faces fontal county urgent price fixing, commodity house all valence must not exceed 6000 yuan.

Basis ” house of commodity of the city zone that face a coin kind est爱上海同城论坛

ate is restricted with ground sell one’s own things house price, accuse price to carry out an opinion ” , house of this county commodity was sold Feburary all valence 6143 yuan / square metre, relatively the corresponding period grew 28% last year, among them, commerce all valence 10358 yuan / square metre, the residence all valence 5709 yuan / square metre.

6000 multivariate house price, compare with photograph of price of house of town of line of just a little, appear not tall probably. But regard national level as impoverished county, this one word is a little exaggerative.

Show according to working report of this county government, 2016, the county that face a coin realizes total output value 17 billion yuan, grow 8% ; Town and rural dweller average per capita can control income to amount to 23170 yuan to mix 9380 yuan respectively, grow respectively 7.4% with 9.2% .

Town dweller can control income one year to be used entirely buy a room to be able to buy 4.06 square, and rural dweller can buy 1.64 square one year only.

Research center of Shenzhen Central Plains thinks, adjusting control tide mixes epicycle to was compared last year, have 3 outstanding characteristics:

1, the 23 lines that have adjusting control and even grow in quantity of 34 lines city. Epicycle policy in order to grow trigonometry, bead trigonometry and circle of annulus capital city are a center, 234 lines city and even heat county area all are in periphery in adjusting control alignment, the amplification of limits of adjusting control geography becomes the characteristic with epicycle significant adjusting control;

2, adjusting control limits already not only eye of category of residence of bureau be confined to. Business does category eye to also had been brought into adjusting control limits;

3, adjusting control method gradually diversification. This round of adjusting control, each district policy already not only confine is restricted to borrow at be restricted to buy, given to problem of degree room, divorce, building problem and minor buy room problem to all make adjusting control provision, can say where to have rise in price trend, where to have policy adjusting control.

What is the germ of tall house price?

A lot of urban house price are breaking country one after another a series of economy common sense and after anticipating, went up to the sky again.

Someone says, tall house price is overdrawing the vigor of hypostatic economy, overdraw does the youth’s dream think of a bottom to answer how rational look upon the house price that this insanity rises? Where is the germ of tall house price?

When Deng Yongheng of dean of academy of estate of Singapore state-maintaineding university accepts Chinese economics to teach scientific research net to interview, ever expressed, after branch tax system is rolled out, the finance with major local government is handed in in the center of, the income that a lot of local government keep is very few. However, administration allocates funds to often cannot satisfy a place to build the need of development to local government finance, so local construction still is to rely on local finance to prop up more very. Differ with the United States, chinese local government cannot send bonds, borrow money to also have a lot of restriction to the bank. Local government can serve as guaranty with land, get a place to build development place to need capital through land finance. Accordingly, price of land sell one’s own things is higher, more advantageous to local finance.

Deng Yongheng introduces, he has done a research a few years ago, discover local government to invest in what the GDP outstanding achievement inside lieutenancy and they build to environmental protection, with local government assessment has very tall dependency. The preferment circumstance that comes through inspecting secretary of mayor of city of 283 ground level, municipal Party committee 10 years, during research discovers the preferment probability of mayor and s上海夜网

ecretary of municipal Party committee and they hold a post, GDP grows outstanding achievement to very b上海同城对对碰交友社区

ig positive closes, and the growth of GDP suffers what estate flourishs to pull again move.

Tsinghua university China and Li Daokui of director of world economy research center are in express during two meetings this year, international experience makes clear, the root of estate is land finance. Local government controls land, will gain income through selling the ground or development. But in this process, should make clear local government to need put apart income of enough land finance, in order to is purchased or control source of a batch of rooms, with relatively the price of par undertakes renting for a long time, economy of supportive this locality grows.

Is be restricted to buy best method?

All the time since, home basically passes the administrative measure that is restricted to buy to come true to the adjusting control of estate market. These policy increase the difficulty that buy a house on certain level, checked a seize a chance to seek private gain, but is the government adopts the adjusting control policy that is restricted to buy to estate best method?

Deng Yongheng expresses, in recent years China published many to drop in temperature policy, had done to the effectiveness of these policy dog. In studying discovery is in many room city, drop in temperature after policy publishs 6 months, above of half the number appeared house price rebounds phenomenon, bring about market price to become taller.

Deng Yongheng says, the target of Chinese policy normally shorter, often have adjusting control through administrative measure, the policy frame with long-term neither one. 2016, it is the big ox city of estate. Not only price of house of town of second line of Chinese a gleam of soars, overseas, canada is Wengehua, Australian the California of Sydney and Melbourne and United States is arisen also the upsurge that a house property invests. It is inch of earth likewise very little gold, it is a space likewise finite, but in Singapore, house price had dropped 3 years continuously.

Deng Yongheng expresses, the policy of room city macroscopical adjusting control of Singapore government is opposite have a definite object in view. Singapore makes policy of room city adjusting control common people of meeting give attention to two or morethings can pay ability to housing, through the government the harmonious implementation between departmental door improves housing quality, reduce the goal of housing expenses.

For example, singapore has the housing of 80% to belong to the group house that the government develops, only 10% be relatively of high end demesne housing. Singapore government is applied for many times raise house property to trade the means of stamp duty, obtained effective adjusting control gradually its confidential market spends heat, drew the question of the spec of excessive, investment.

Chinese policy publishs the issue that toward contact existence one knife cuts. City of second line room supply exceeds demand, the whole nation publishs treat equally without discrimination however go inventory policy, bring about superheating of estate of a gleam of. Actually, this asks China the room to whether city can die with a lot of international media dish made same mistake.

Li Daokui expresses during two meetings this year, estate market needs a long-term, effective fundamental sex mechanism. But up to now, just took adjusting control step, if be restricted to buy or adjust the credit policy of pair of 2 flatlet, 3 flatlet, this is not the plan of the effect a permanent c爱上海同城对对碰


From the point of land finance, li Daokui thinks, local government controlled land finance on one hand, on the other hand however not hold and the house property that manage oneself, accordingly estate problem cannot get settlement. Chongqing mode is a very good exploration, but it made one part only, the government just is followed in land supply side row with respect to city, the number that furnishs with land will command land price. This is insufficient still, local government is returned must again hold comparatives one part house property.

Since last year, estate market lasts overheat also is taken off in capital of the aggravate on certain level solid to empty risk. Look in Li Daokui, avoid economy to take off solid want to empty from two respects proceed with:

It is reduce internal heat, instantly banking industry has empty fire. At present the product of many rigid cash, bring a false appearance to investor, the investment target risk that thinks these investment are tasted is very low, because this is not willing,direct investment arrives in hypostatic economy.

2 it is to fall cost, battalion changes after adding, the finance income of local government falls apparently. Actually, local government is to drive civilian battalion to economy grows and help civilian battalion economy expand the principal part that reduces tax inside very long in the past period of time. Accordingly, the proposal changes in battalion after adding, give local government a few finance and revenue appropriately return still, let local government in order to give aid to civilian battalion economy.

Can Chinese estate die dish?

Face so high house price, very old proportional person can hope the room is promoted only sigh. Many people think, tall house price has the reason that it exists oneself, chinese town changes a standard far did not reach developed country level, because this estate market is nonexistent,die dish of risk, but also one part person thinks, china has borne not to have so high house price at present.

Deng Yongheng introduces, his Ceng Yuqing China of university estate institute Professor and Warton the Jiyeke of the business school (Joseph Gyourko) teachs write in collaboration with a paper, study the situation of 35 main cities of Chinese, covered the element such as growth of population growth, development of unemployment rate, industry, economy, apply a model to forecast housing demand of future again.

Consider to discover, the difference between city and city is vast, go up like north wide wait for city of a gleam of greatly to be put in the phenomenon that demand exceeds supply mostly, because this house price of these cities also is resided,do not fall high. Outside sufferring element of structure of supply demand relations, population to affect, city of a gleam of still has a lot of accessary welfare, teach resource, infrastructure to wait for instance, these are mirrorred inside house price. Compare besides risk of city of house of town of some 23 lines big outside, deng Yongheng thinks the room city of city of a gleam of appears similar United States second borrow the crisis in that way collapse dish probability is lesser.

Beijing University collects finance of abundant business school to learn association of trade of professor, Bank of China chief economist Ba Shusong was in a few days ago expressed on viewpoint year forum 2017, identify a room again already borrow attribute greater adjusting control strength 上海千花网龙凤论坛

really on the history, from the point of historical data, common market is short-term can drop in temperature somewhat.

Ba Shusong thinks, short-term inside the possibility that estate crisis erupts is inferior, but should pay close attention to local risk. Dweller leverage may not of China is so tall, but should note this risk really, china and abroad’s mature economic system phase are compared, the advantage is a dweller indebted rate is not high, but also have inferior position, it is dweller fortune those who accumulate put an amount small, the ability that assumes liability is relatively weak.

Nevertheless he reminds, chinese room borrows income to show than this line out showed to rise apparently.

Besides, ba Shusong passes statistical data, combine current background, summed up the trend with estate new market:

One, clinch a deal the quantity glides really truly, the demand of heat city is short-term inside the policy that gets adjusting control is restrained, key city clinchs a deal every week of the quantity go situation begin to present particular fall after a rise;

2, land is restricted for merit, breach of heat city supply and demand is increased;

3, house price goes situation is smooth, price of heat town house rises although pressure suffers adjusting control to restrain, but not 阿拉爱上海同城

allow to ignore;

4, sufficient and current: Secondhand the main force that the room already became demand of contented heat city;

5, the market that rent enters development drive;

6, credit environment is tightened up, estate open goes lever: Turn lever effect is not apparent;

7, development investment is added fast put delay continuously. Look from statistical data, area of sale of house of the development investment of estate, commodity is added fast the fall after a rise with begin to appear particular;

8, development company is spent centrally rise;

9, effect of circle of city of annulus a gleam of shows further: Town changes development to arrive new level.

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